Monday, September 5, 2011

mechanized, programmable tool completely automates the welding process

With advancements in technology, machining processes have become faster and more efficient. Similarly, the addition of automation techniques in welding has been very crucial in enhancing welding processes that are repetitive in nature.

Automated welding employs the use of a robot. This mechanized, programmable tool completely automates the welding process by performing the main weld operation and handling the parts. The automated technology not only improves the weld repeatability but also enhances precision and productivity. Similarly, automating the torch motion significantly reduces the potential errors resulting in decreased scrap and rework.

A robot enabled automated structures increase the output significantly as a fully equipped and optimized robot structure can run around the clock without taking a break.

Automated welding or robot welding mainly involves two processes, namely robot arc welding and robot spot welding. Robot arc welding is mainly used for high duty cycles, where an automated torch cleaner is used for removing the spatter, and an electrode feeder is used for feeding the consumable wire into the arc. The productivity further more increases due to an automatically rotating or switch fixture, thus enabling the operator to fix one set of parts while the robot is welding another. To guarantee that the electrode tip and the tool frame are accurately known with respect to each other, an automated TCP (Tool Center Point) calibration device can be of significant help.

The robot spot welding technique is typically used for resistance welding processes. Robots are available in different sizes, rated by payload capacity and reach. They are classified by the number of axes serving distinct purposes. Furthermore, welding robots are outfitted with different types of welding guns, used for different applications.

As mentioned before, this technique is highly useful for tasks that are repetitive in nature. However, if a welding process involves frequent adjustment of parts to fit together correctly, or if joints to be welded are too wide, the use of robots will be difficult.

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mechanized, programmable tool completely automates the welding process

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